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Alter Identity

November 19, 2012


Inspiration: The section of my closet where I pick out my clothes everyday. (T-Shirts) Section I used to alter my identity. Before: School Concert! Work Day 1: 9 Hours The first day of my alter ego project I went to my aunt’s house, my friend Antonio’s birthday dinner, and a show. Normally, for these types […]

Alter Idenity

November 8, 2012


Before             After       For my alter identity project I am going to transform myself by wearing clothing that I don’t typically wear. For my everyday dress I wear jeans, sneakers, and a graphic tee. I dress for comfort but more importantly with things I like. I want […]

Dress, Gender and the Public Display of Skin

November 1, 2012


  “who wore khaki pants and a casual blouse which was chided by onlookers who told her that she was not properly dressed.”‘ -Ironically to see the difference that it it is not proper to the Kalabari but is used as a uniform and professional dress in the Western culture. “For the vertical lines found […]

Fashioning the Queer Self

October 30, 2012


“what garment colours go with which complexion and at what age one must stop wearing V-necks and start round-necked clothes.” “If I had to choose something to wear I think it would be trousers, as a lesbian.” “I mean I saw a woman in a [gay bar] that had an Adidas top on, and it […]

Desire and Dread: Alexander McQueen and the Contemporary Femme Fatale

October 24, 2012


Stella!!!!!! & Stanley from A Streetcar Named Desire    Poision Ivy & Bane   Fear   When first reading the words “Femme Fatale” the first thing that triggered in my head was “one of Britney Spears’ albums!” Maybe not the best example of femme fatal, however still a very current world known superstar. I have seen the phrase used on occasion […]

Embodying the Single Girl in the 1960’s

October 23, 2012


Girls Being Force Fed for Marriage Barney’s 2012 Holiday Campaign 1950’s 1960’s Women have always had high standards based on dress and their look throughout history. In different regions all over the world “beauty” is defined differently. Such as in Africa when women go to a fat farm to literally gain as much weight as possible […]

Manliness, Modernity, and the Shaping of Male Clothing

October 18, 2012


“Physique of the ancient Greek athlete provided a fitting template for the production of a rationalized modern wardrobe.” “Later pattern cutting systems abandoned a striving for the ideal in preference for the closer study of anatomy and geometry.” “There are men, and plenty of them, who change their clothes twice as often.” Most people when […]