Fashioning the Queer Self

Posted on October 30, 2012


“what garment colours go with which complexion and at what age one must stop wearing V-necks and start round-necked clothes.”

“If I had to choose something to wear I think it would be trousers, as a lesbian.”

“I mean I saw a woman in a [gay bar] that had an Adidas top on, and it really suited her, it looked really nice..”

Over and over we have read about fashion and clothing representing who we are and how it determines our identity. It has been incorporated into gender, race, and status. However, more importantly it has also been incorporated into sexual identity. From the reading, gays and lesbians dress in order to attract a specific audience and to get a specific message across. Depending on what they choose to dress is how they feel. It relates to how people feel on the inside but also how they want to portray themselves on the outside. The idea of being comfortable goes into detail both literally as well as metaphorically. The clothing that they are literally wearing on the bodies as well as what they are comfortable in and at what event and venue.

Seeing people in certain clothing can give the image of them being comfortable but in fact can be the complete opposite but are dressing for occasion. Such as, the example of the lesbian who prefers to wear dresses out but would rather wear trousers because it makes her feel more lesbian. Certain pieces of clothing can send the message that they are gay or part of a specific audience and is why they prefer to dress in what is known rather than what they personally prefer. To me this can seem rather important to their community because in many places any sexuality besides homosexuality is looked at negatively. Being in Los Angeles there is a very open environment which allows people to express themself in any way they choose  without being judged to a certain extent. However, many people who are gay and lesbian in other parts of the country or world do not have the freedom to express who they want to be and therefore can dress in specific ways to represent a message. In my opinion, this to me seems difficult with the gay community and their identity and can be why there are so many groups and types of sexuality.

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