Desire and Dread: Alexander McQueen and the Contemporary Femme Fatale

Posted on October 24, 2012


Stella!!!!!! & Stanley from A Streetcar Named Desire 


Poision Ivy & Bane




When first reading the words “Femme Fatale” the first thing that triggered in my head was “one of Britney Spears’ albums!” Maybe not the best example of femme fatal, however still a very current world known superstar. I have seen the phrase used on occasion but never really understood what depth stood behind it. Alexander McQueen and Marquis de Sade both used different ideas and methods to portray women as what they thought to be powerful. Everything that they were being portrayed as is what they believed in “unsettling women who were both hyperfeminine and yet, in some respects, terrifyingly male.” Although McQueen’s ideas were misconstrued at first he was able to alter his image and began to view them more positively opposed to the victims he was portraying. A strong women can be viewed as many things. However, should you be feared? Based on dress a woman has complete power to transform herself into the status she want to maintain.  Not only dress but more importantly actions, body language, etc.

Personally, I love the idea of a powerful women and the idea of them being untouchable. They deserve to be looked at different from they are being portrayed all over the world. Using femininity to their advantage and being able to get what they want. More than getting what they want the whole view is what is important to me. Growing up, my mom always taught me to be strong and stand up for myself. Her and my father was my first introduction to a relationship and everything involved. Including, manners, respect, communication, etc. It wasn’t until later in life, in my early teens when I was around my grandparents and relatives to see the man of the house in a more dominant role. This disgusted me to see how the women  were being treated but more importantly that they were allowing it. Some of those relationships have changed for the better and some maintain the same. However, this personal example for me gives me different viewpoints of a strong woman who is not taken advantage of.

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