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Final Project

November 29, 2012


Statement: Inspired by “Dr.Hypocrite” I used shape to reflect the idea of male dominancy into a female form. Flat Sketches with Fabric Swatches Final Flat Sketch With Swatch  Pattern Muslin Front Back Final Garment Front Back Advertisements

Alter Identity

November 19, 2012


Inspiration: The section of my closet where I pick out my clothes everyday. (T-Shirts) Section I used to alter my identity. Before: School Concert! Work Day 1: 9 Hours The first day of my alter ego project I went to my aunt’s house, my friend Antonio’s birthday dinner, and a show. Normally, for these types […]

Alter Idenity

November 8, 2012


Before             After       For my alter identity project I am going to transform myself by wearing clothing that I don’t typically wear. For my everyday dress I wear jeans, sneakers, and a graphic tee. I dress for comfort but more importantly with things I like. I want […]

Collared sleeveless shirt dress

November 6, 2012


I enjoyed making the collared shirt dress. It was fun and reminded me of all the problems that I then thought were huge in 106. I am making a collared shirt for another class this quarter, so this was good practice.

Dress, Gender and the Public Display of Skin

November 1, 2012


  “who wore khaki pants and a casual blouse which was chided by onlookers who told her that she was not properly dressed.”‘ -Ironically to see the difference that it it is not proper to the Kalabari but is used as a uniform and professional dress in the Western culture. “For the vertical lines found […]