Embodying the Single Girl in the 1960’s

Posted on October 23, 2012


Girls Being Force Fed for Marriage

Barney’s 2012 Holiday Campaign



Women have always had high standards based on dress and their look throughout history. In different regions all over the world “beauty” is defined differently. Such as in Africa when women go to a fat farm to literally gain as much weight as possible because it is more appealing to men. It also shows a sign of wealth and  that they are well-fed literally. This to them defines the ideal women. Contrary to this, America is known not for obesity but for how thin you can be. Designers and labels send their clothing down the runway and advertise with the thinnest women they can find. This idea has even recently been incorporated into world known cartoons. With this in our surrounding culture it is almost impossible for women to maintain these standards let alone meet them.

Advertisements and photography of women all create a message to the viewer. They can be doing an activity, trying to sell a garment, or even be a candid moment. However people are still getting a message across. The idea of allowing an image to capture more than what was on the surface was in the 1960’s when a movement was made and women were being looked at as more than a housewife. Finally being portrayed as independent and glamorous. Not only were they independent and on their own but they were also single hence the emphasize on the single girl references. This did not only affect society but it also in the workforce such as “began to be cast in active opposed to the passive roles traditionally assigned to them in art.” It finally gave  women a chance to pursue their dreams.It was a time of freedom and liberation including race, music, film, advertisement, and fashion. This era gave women more than dresses and cardigans to wear and finally gave them freedom.


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