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Bodice Sloper

September 28, 2012


Bodice Sloper Front Bodice Sloper Back Here is my finished Bodice Sloper with Sleeve. It was challenging getting back into the pattern/sewing mode. However, I really enjoyed completing the pattern and sample itself. I look forward to this quarter and our future projects! Advertisements

“The Dressed Body”

September 27, 2012


“In a similar way, women dressing up for a night out might wear a coat to cover up an outfit, such as a short skirt and skimpy top which might feel comfortable when worn in a night club but which would otherwise make them feel vulnerable when walking down the street late at night.” “The […]

Dress Needs: Reflections on the Clothed Body, Selfhood, and Consumption

September 25, 2012


“How does he acquire his knowledge that the molten wax is the same as the wax solified despite the multiple changes it undergoes?” “Consumerist culture plays on the anxieties about individuation and self-expression it both stimulates and condemns” ” Piled up clothing and jewelry” Clothing has and always will be looked at differently by people […]