Shop-Window Dummies? Fashion, the Body, and Emergent Socialities

Posted on October 2, 2012



“When I wear a s suit, I walk, feel, and act differently”







“Appropriated attire are age-related..”

“First, fashion, style and adornment change over time”

There is speculation whether the clothing makes the body or the body makes the clothing. So is physically wearing clothing  what makes it significant? Or is it the garment itself? Dressing is not only looked at as clothing but also as decorating the body. Depending what we wear transmits to the way we act. Depending on how the garments fits the body will ultimately respond. Such as, a suit and how it constrains the body and does not give the full range of bodily movement in comparison to active wear. Therefore, the clothing on the body affects the way we feel and how we present ourselves to society. It can alter day-to-day and by this so can our personalities, moods, and daily agendas.

Fashion changes over time and as we grow older our sense of fashion changes as well. With age, people tend to want to dress more for comfort and less for looks. They are also inclined to more modest choices with age. Wearing the highest heels and tightest jeans you can find in your twenties will lead to walking shoes and sweats in you later years. Not only does fashion change itself but also what we are attracted and what is suitable for our bodies at a particular time in our life.

With change over time, it is harder to determine individuals class and status. Throughout history, class was determined by fashion considering the garments they wore including textiles, colors, and embellishments to name a few. However, currently with an immense amount  of fast fashion stores, diy’s and looks for less it is easier for someone to blend in with a group. Currently  no restrictions allows people to push fashion as much as they want it. It is a huge freedom we as a society have and sometimes take for granted. With opportunities everyday to decorate the body in any way we want and have our body respond to what we are wearing is mind-boggling because the opportunities are endless.



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