Photoshoot Proposal

Posted on February 16, 2012


I plan on continuing my idea of the TashaBear brand and will therefore be taking photos of toddlers. The location is going to take place at my cousin’s house because most of the children I am going to be using are there. I am including his twin sons who are 4 years old and their bother who is 2 years old. I will also be using my boyfriend’s niece who is also 2 and his nephew who is 4. I plan on incorporating some activities of them playing and almost using candid photos. I am planning on taking them in their drive way because they  live in a condo style community and have 5 homes on each side of the drive way so it will be secluded and a safe environment  for them. I am going to be taking the photos in the afternoon to make the best of the natural sunlight and will hopefully be able to capture the toddlers to the best of my ability.

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